Netball continues to Grow!!!.

The 2014/15 Season was brilliant for everyone involved in netball both on and off the court!

The sport reached a record breaking number of affiliated members to our Regions, Counties and England Netball; this now stands at over 96,600.

This represents another year of growth as we were joined by nearly 4.5% additional members in the last year.  

There were also significant percentage increases in the number of schools and higher education facilities signing up to EN.

Sport England’s Active People Survey revealed that participation figures for netball increased markedly from October 2013 through to March 2015.

A rise of more than 28,000 netballers are now taking to the court across the country for at least half an hour every week, taking the total over the 150,000 mark

Affiliation Statistics for South Yorkshire County Netball Association are as follows

AdultsUnder 18's  Under 14's  Under 11's