Winter League 2016/17

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Venue: English Institute of Sport, Sheffield

Days: Tuesdays

Time: Fixtures take place between 6.00 - 10.00pm @ EIS, Sheffield

Cost of Entry to the League:

Championship Division 1
Division 2
£375.00**this is £350.00 for the league - based on 14 games over the season and £25.00 deposit
Division 3 
Division 4
£425.00**this is £400.00 for the league - based on 16 games over the season and the £25.00 deposit

Format of the league: the league for 2016/17 comprises of

# 3 Divisions of 8 teams in each

# 2 Divisions of 5 teams in each

All matches on Indoor (at the EIS, Sheffield) and are 4 x 12 minute quarters

League commences - 20 September 2016

Winter League 2016/17 Fixtures  

*updated version as at 10.30pm on Tuesday 13 September 2016

SYCNA - Winter League Handbook 2016/17

Team Registration Sheet 2016/17 

- please return to by 20 September 2016

Code of Conduct 2016/17 

- please return to by 20 September 2016

Blank Running score sheet 2016/17

Example of how to complete the running score sheet 2016/17

  • To be used in Championship & Division 1 from September 2016
  • To be used in Division 2 & Division 3 from January 2017
  • To be used in Division 4 from September 2017

Blank Results Card

New for the 2016/17 season

  • Teams are to note on results card - player of match from opposition

Example of how to complete the results card

  • Results to be text to 07766262032
  • Results cards to be handed into reception (or sent to the above number)
  • Running score sheet - to be sent to the text number above)

* Umpires in Division 4 - Must have attended a C award course in the last 2 years (since September 2014) or be actively part of the SYCNA Mentoring Programme and attended New Rules Workshop or have attended a Beginner or C award course since the first September 2016

* Players must hold an individual Affiliation for the 2016/17 season (affiliation is valid from 1 September - 31 August)

Additional Information


All umpires who officiate in the Winter League must meet the following

Championship - Division 3 - Minimum of C award umpire qualification and as per entry form have attended a New Rules Workshop

Division 4 - As detailed above

Umpires may not umpire more than two (2) games in the Winter League in one evening across all divisions

Age Banding

All players must be over the age of 14 years of age at midnight on the 31 August/1 September prior to the commencement of the league playing season unless age banding permission is in place. All players who have granted age banding MUST have submitted the completed paperwork to the competition referee ahead of the player participating in the league

Age Banding Form 2016/17

Age Banding Guidance 2016/17

Pregnant Players/Umpires

Please refer to League handbook for details

Accident / Incidents

All accidents / incidents should be reported to the county management board, please complete the relevant paperwork and email to

This paperwork should be completed in addition to any completed by your own club/team and/or the venue

Accident / Incident Paperwork