South Yorkshire Academy Programme

County Academies - provide training for athletes aged approximately 14-16 years.

Satellite Academy -  is the first step on the England Pathway, for young netballers aged approximately 11-14 years old.

County Netball Associations manage and deliver the County Academies on behalf of England Netball, delivering between 15-30 sessions per year.

Qualified and experience Level 2 Coaches deliver the training programmes set by England Netball, providing athletes will the support and skill set they need to progress to the next level of the Pathway, the Regional Academy.

Athletes in a County Academy should be accessing between 14-16 hours a week of training and competition, both in netball and other invasion sports.

Strength and Conditioning work is also important for this level and age group of athletes, to ensure that muscles are developed properly, to prevent injury and to prepare them for a greater intensity of training as they progress their netball careers.

Athletes who are part of the Satellite  academy will have access to about 15 sessions per year