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SYCNA - Mentoring Programme

The programme is open to any umpire who has attended a

  • Beginner and/or Into Officiating workshop
  • C award course
  • B award course

In the last two (2) years and are affiliated to South Yorkshire County Netball Association

SYCNA Mentoring Programme - Information on the Programme

if you are interested in accessing the mentoring programme, please complete as much of the following as possible

Paperwork 1 - Information Sheet

Paperwork 2 - Action Plan

Please return to

South Yorkshire Identified Mentors

Name:Umpire Award:
Rachael RadfordA award umpire / Umpire Assessor / Umpire Tutor 
Sharon GreenB award umpire
Bev PottsB award umpire
Lindsey BallB award umpire / Umpire Assessor / Umpire Tutor

Useful Officiating Paperwork

When I get my Umpire award - what can I do? - Umpire Development Pathway

INF - Match Protocols- 2016

England Netball - Domestic rules guide -  Please click here

These have been created to provide details of the permitted variances to the INF Rules for domestic Netball matches in England

The guidance provided varies dependent on whether competitions are National, Regional, County or Local level

This document is primarily written for individuals who require a greater  detail on each rule and its domestic variations e.g. league/event organisers and umpires