Pass on your Passion

It aims to provide you with opportunities, ideas and rewards to help you on your leadership and volunteering journey.  

No matter what your role in netball, we want you to Get Involved and Get Recognised.  

Who is it for?

* It is for every young person aged 12 - 25 that is actively volunteering in netball whether that's as a coach, official, committee member, event helper, school team helper...the list is endless

It's time to share your passion with other young people, so register now and get volunteering!

2020 Vision for Volunteering

By 2020 netball in England will have a world class volunteer programme that recruits, trains, deploys, retains, and recognises volunteers operating at all levels of the game

Headline Objectives

° Develop an understanding of the volunteering network to ensure a clearly defined strategic approach to volunteering in netball

° Ensure attractive and easily accessible volunteering opportunities for established and new volunteers.

° Support and develop volunteers to ensure a meaningful and worthwhile experience in netball.  

° England Netball will recognise and celebrate all volunteers in netball.

To ensure netball volunteers are undertaking effective Governance and staff from England Netball are working alongside netball volunteers.